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National Review Online - Between The CoversThe National Review Online, the web-version of the National Review magazine, has an audio program called Between The Covers (not to be confused with the CBC Radio One book reading program of the same name). Available now, for online listening in the Flash audio format (SWF) are:

Paul M. Sammon on Conan: The Phenomenon:

“John J. Miller asks Paul M. Sammon, author of Conan: The Phenomenon, just why Conan is still a phenomenon after so very long. Sammon responds that these stories, which date back to the 1930s, ‘featured vivid storytelling, compelling characters, exotic locales, horrible creatures, delectable damsels; and all of this was wrapped up in propulsive prose and a consistent worldview.'” |SWF|

George R.R. Martin on Dreamsongs:

“George R.R. Martin, author of Dreamsongs (Vols. I and II), has been called the ‘American Tolkien.’ But he tells John J. Miller that science fiction, horror fiction, and fantasy were all his first loves, and that he his written in each of these genres. ‘It was all ‘weird stuff’ as my father liked to call it; imaginative literature as opposed to realistic literature — just different flavors thereof.'” |SWF|

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