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Brave Men RunNew media darling Matthew Wayne Selznick has wrapped up his unabridged podcast of Brave Men Run. At the very end of episode 17 he announced a couple of very cool things. First Brave Men Run will be available for purchase as an audiobook, an MP3-CD available through! Historians take note, this is the first commerical hard copy release of any podcast novel! Second, Matt also let slip that his NEW novel, a book called Light Of The Outsider will be coming out later this year again through Lulu.

Finding this out we just had to go straight to the source for more info, here’s what we found out:

Matt has plans on podcasting Light of the Outsider too! Light of the Outsider is set in what Matt calls his “Shaper’s World milieu” — it’s a fantasy genre novel “a totally original world” – if its anywhere as good as Brave Men Run we shall all be very happy campers indeed.

Matt’s got plenty of other irons in the fire right now too, but perhaps the biggest scoop we can actually tell you about is the title of the next Sovereign Era novel, it will be called Pilgrimage. We’re so excited!

You too can keep up with all the latest Matt Selznick News by subscribing to Matt’s email list. And if you didn’t have a chance to hear Brave Men Run it isn’t too late run on over to and grab a subscription! You won’t be sorry.

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