New Releases – The Green Millennium by Fritz Leiber

New Releases

The Green Millennium by Fritz LeiberThe Green Millennium
By Fritz Leiber; Read by William Coon
6.5 hrs. – [UNABRIDGED]
Publisher: Wonder Audio
Availiable at Audible and iTunes

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From the Hugo and Nebula Grandmaster author, Fritz Leiber.

Phil Gish has always felt like a luck-forsaken little guy who never got a break. But he awakes one morning to overwhelming optimism and hope. The thing that brings him joy is the sudden appearance of a green cat that has jumped through the window of his tiny bachelor apartment. He decides to adopt the cat and names it Lucky. But Lucky has other plans, and the cat disappears from Phil’s place as quickly as it jumped in.

Phil’s journey to retrieve Lucky takes him directly into the paths of some of the most eccentric characters to ever populate a novel, from a female masked wrestler to a psychoanalyst on the take and his seemingly psychotic daughter, Mitzie.

Poor Phil’s problems are only beginning. He starts to have special feelings for Mitzie, and the green cat becomes a sought-after prize by the mob and the government.

An offbeat story written as if someone had dropped a Marx Brothers movie into a Philip K. Dick novel.

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