New XM show features Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card

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Orson Scott Card's UniverseOrson Scott Card‘s classic Ender’s Game has just started being broadcast on XM Satellite Radio’s “Sonic Theater” Ch: 163.* The new show is called Orson Scott Card’s Universe, and for the first set of broadcasts will feature Card’s best known novel. The show started on March 5th 2007.

This is the real deal folks, the Audio Renaissance full-cast production, an SFFaudio Essential, featuring a full-cast and starring Stefan Rudnicki and Harlan Ellison!

Broadcast times:
Monday to Friday @ 12:30 & 8:30 PM EST (30 Minutes)
Repeated serially on Saturdays @ Midnight-2:30 AM EST (5 X 30 Min.)

*This station is not available outside of the USA.

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