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Quirks And Quarks, CBC Radio’s excellent and long running Saturday afternoon science program is not only a great source of science news – it’s also a great Science Fiction resource! The show’s host, Bob McDonald, has even narrated an SF novel and is obviously a fan of both science and Science Fiction.

Every week, the program presents the people behind the latest discoveries in the physical and natural sciences, from the smallest sub-atomic particle to the largest objects in the sky and everything in between. The program also examines the political, social, environmental and ethical implications of new developments in science and technology. And now Quirks And Quarks has also got into podcasting too! Show segments are available in MP3 format for FREE!

Here’s a list of links to show segments that deal with
Science Fiction concepts:

Multiple Worlds & Parallel Universes (April 16, 2005)
LINK: http://www.cbc.ca/quirks/media/2004-2005/mp3/qq-2005-04-16a.mp3

Telepathy (November 20, 2004)
LINK: http://www.cbc.ca/quirks/media/2004-2005/mp3/qq-2004-11-20a.mp3

First Contact (March 9, 2002)
With SF writer Robert J. Sawyer
LINK to Part 1:

LINK to Part 2:

Settling The Stars (February 23, 2002)
With SF writers Joe Haldeman, Charles Sheffield and
Geoffrey Landis
LINK: http://www.cbc.ca/quirks/archives/01-02/mp3/qq230202a.mp3

Terraforming Mars (May 12, 2001)
LINK: http://www.cbc.ca/quirks/archives/00-01/mp3/qq120501a.mp3

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