NPR To Air A Documentary On The Singularity


NPR Weekend EditionNPR‘s Weekend Edition Sunday, will be airing a report on the Science Fiction theme of “The Singularity.” The piece was created by Rick Kleffell of The Agony Column Podcast who writes “I’m told it will run near the end of the second hour.” There will be an link available on the site sometime after it airs. If you can’t tune in Sunday point your browser at Rick’s website. he’ll post a link to it when it becomes available.

The report features Vernor Vinge and Cory Doctorow, explaining to listeners just what the technological singularity is, where the idea originated, and how it plays out a bit in SF.

Rick also writes: “Even if you manage to catch the report when it is broadcast live, you can email the link from the NPR web page–and you should to as many people as possible. NPR measures the interest in a subject in part by the response on ’email this link’ web page. If they get a huge response to this article, they’ll understand that their audience is indeed interested in hearing about science fiction literature on NPR.”

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