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Science Fiction author - Paul LevinsonScience Fiction author Paul Levinson has a podcast!

Levinson describes Light On Light Through as a “weekly, five-minute-or-so commentary on some technological, media, popular culture, science fiction issue that strikes [his] interest” Topics range from Wikipedia , cellphone technology to television’s “platinum age.”

You can subscribe to his podcast via this feed:

Paul was kind enough to send me a DRM-free copy of his Chronology Protection Case radio dramatization of his first novelette, the one I mentioned in an October 25th post. It also seems the file is available in a working format from, (and also therefore iTunes) where it is offered in the proprietory AAC format.

The Chronology Protection CaseThe Chronology Protection Case
Based on the novellette by Paul Levinson; Performed by Mark Shanahan
1 AAC File – 38 Minutes 37 Seconds [RADIO DRAMA]
Publisher: Listen & Live Audio /
Published: 2003

Interestingly the title of this story comes from an idea of Stephen Hawking’s. Hawking conjectured that even though time travel might be possible the universe would not let it happen.

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