Paul Levinson’s The Silk Code as a podcast novel

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Shaun Farrell host of the Adventures In SciFi Publishing podcast has taken on narrating responsibilities for fellow podcaster Paul Levinson’s first novel; The Silk Code. The first five MP3 files have just debuted on, you can subscribe and get the complete and unabridged reading by signing up with Podiobooks – rest assured it is all 100% free – any donations you make will be split 75-25 with the author and the service.

Science Fiction Podiobook - The Silk Code by Paul LevinsonThe Silk Code
By Paul Levinson; Read by Shaun Farrell
Podcast Novel – [UNABRIDGED]
Phil D’Amato, a forensic scientist working for the NYPD, is visiting an old friend in rural Pennsylvania–home of the Amish. When the friend with no known allergies drops dead of a sudden allergic reaction, D’Amato decides to investigate. He finds himself at the center of a 30,000 year-old biowar being waged with genetically engineered weapons. As he probes deeper, it becomes apparent that the Amish are not the technophobes they appear to be.

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