PodCastle – The Fantasy Fiction Podcast begins tommorow, thanks (in part) to me!

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PodCastle - The Fantasy Fiction PodcastThe world’s most long awaited podcast is brought to you by me! Yup, PodCastle – The Fantasy Fiction Podcast begins tomorrow!

No, I didn’t write the first story. I didn’t narrate it either. I didn’t edit it. I didn’t procure the story from the author, or even choose which story it’d be. Nope, I didn’t even host the file! No, instead what I did was put my money where my ears are.

I paid for the first story!

That is, I was the first donor, and PayPaled Escape Artists (the parent for PodCastle). If you like listening to podcasts, if you anticipate their delivery to your podcatcher on a regular basis, I say to you… “Hey, buddy! Put your money where your ears are and pony up some dough.” You can subscribe to the podcast feed for PodCastle via this feed:


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