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PodCastleSF author Anne Leckie reports on her blog that:

PodCastle will begin running on April 1.”

And a check of the official podcastle blog and the Podcastle.org sites makes us think this oft-delayed Escape Pod spin-off is an increasingly likely reality.

Here’s the official lineup of stories so far:

EPISODE 1 – April 1: “Come Lady Death” by Peter Beagle
Bonus Flash – April 4: “Skyscrapers” by Rachel Swirsky
EPISODE 2 – April 8: “For Love of Dragons” by C. L. Vaughn
EPISODE 3 – April 15: “Run of the Fiery Horse” by Hilary Moon Murphy
Bonus Flash – April 18: “Pahwahke” by Gord Sellar
EPISODE 4 – April 22: “Goosegirl” by Margaret Ronald
EPISODE 5 – April 29: “The Girl with the Sun in Her Head” by Jeremiah Tolbert
Bonus Flash – May 2: “Giant” by Stephanie Burgis
EPISODE 6 – May 6: “The Dead Girl’s Wedding March” by Cat Rambo

Also, apparently in the back-uncatalogued, but as of now not yet scheduled are:

“The Ant King” by Benjamin Rosenbaum
“The Dog Prince” by Sarah Prineas

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