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Podible Paradise: The Viable Paradise PodcastPodible Paradise: The Viable Paradise Podcast is a show covering the attendees of the Viable Paradise writer’s workshop, a week-long, residential SF and Fantasy Writing workshop held every fall in Martha’s Vineyard. Interviewees are typically current and former instructors or former students. The subjects talked about mostly revolve around what it’s like to attend and what’s learned there. One caveat, this show is NOT in the standard MP3 format, it is in the less compatible M4A format.

Episode 00: Mur Lafferty |M4A|
Episode 01: Greg Van Eekhout |M4A|
Episode 02: Jennifer Pelland |M4A|
Episode 03: Paul Melko |M4A|
Episode 04: Jim Macdonald and Debra Doyle |M4A|
Episode 05: Cory Doctorow |M4A|
Episode 06: David Thompson, David Barr Kirtley, Lisa Moore, Sharon Mock, Zak Jarvis plus more |M4A|
Episode 07: Sandra McDonald |M4A|

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