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Podiobooks.com, has finally finished beta-testing and has now OFFICIALLY launched! In honor of this, they’ve added two more speculative fiction related podcast novels to the roster:

Podiobooks.com's How To Disappear CompletelyHow To Disappear Completely
By Myke Bartlett
Which bills itself as… “part film noir detective story, part fantasy adventure, part East End gangster tale.”

Podiobooks.com's Amber Page And The Legend Of The Coral Stone Amber Page And The Legend Of The Coral Stone
By Stacey Cochran
By the numbers this podiobook has… “1 creepy old man, 27 exploding cars, 4 gunfights, 2 car chases, 1 cruise ship, 5 evil bad guys, 1 school bus, 1 fiery Harley-Davidson motorcycle, 2 massive earthquakes, 1 tropical Hawaiian Island, 1 super-evil criminal organization known as the S.H.R.O.U.D., and 1 broken family that must come to love one another again…”

Check it out!

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