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Podcast - PseudopodPseudopod has claimed its first name author with the podcast of Kevin J. Anderson‘s Redmond’s Private Screening. This story was originally published in the April 2001 issue of Realms Of Fantasy. After listening to it, before sleeping last night, it gave me nightmare! Count that as a recommendation.

It’s the nickelodeon era of early Hollywood, and amoral creeps like Redmond have already taken over the film business. And then as now, people will do anything to get their face in the movies. Redmond is approached by a Japanese family with a lucrative proposition: the chance to film an actual hara-kiri suicide by samurai sword. The greedy director unwisely ignores the conventional Japanese belief that “anyone who dies violently is certain to haunt those who caused him to suffer.” When Redmond screens his snuff film, he and the seedy audience are treated to a bit of bonus footage.

EP074: Redmond’s Private Screening
By Kevin J. Anderson; Read by Scott Sigler
Podcaster: Pseudopod
Podcast: November 24th 2006

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