Sci-Phi Show talks Philosophy of Science with Bill DeSmedt

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In what appears likely to be another series of interviews that will make another podiobook someday The Sci Phi Show podcast is following up from its “Philosophy of Science” show from last week by speaking to SFFaudio Essential winning author Bill DeSmedt. Host Jason Rennie talks with Bill about The Vurdalak Conjecture and how it plays a role in his novel, Singularity. Tied into this interview, Jason tells me, you can look for what should be a fascinating interview with physicist Lee Smolin in a couple of days. The two interviews will compliment each other as Smolin is probably going to be talking about The Trouble with Physics, his non-fiction book which is critical of string theory. I love it when a confluence of Science and Science Fiction meets in one podcast. You can download the Bill DeSmedt interview show |MP3| or subscribe to the podcast and get the whole series via this link:

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