SFBRP #173: Luke reviews The Simulacra by Philip K. Dick

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The Science Fiction Book Review Podcast In his latest Science Fiction Book Review Podcast, #173, Luke Burrage reviews the new audiobook of The Simulacra, one of the many previously unrecorded PKD novels from Brilliance Audio.

It’s a comedic and relevant SF novel. The plot makes very little sense, but the themes and ideas are terrific. It skewers and examines various forms of crazy – from the American political system (and a kind of proto Occupy movement), to a rampant pharmacological industry, to the perils of psychotherapy. Add in musical contest TV shows, artificial people, and the planet Mars and you get a kind of crazy nuts book that only Dick can pull off.

And Luke, in turn, must abandon his usual format to try to make sense of the thing.

The podcast is here |MP3| and you can subscribe to Luke’s podcast via this feed:


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