SFFaudio Challenge meets a challenger who is releasing a Lester del Rey audiobook

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Meta SFFaudio - SFFaudio Contest - Make audiobook win an audiobookI’ve got big Big BIG news! It appears we may very soon have a winner in the SFFaudio ‘make an audiobook, win an audiobook’ challenge!

I was contacted late last night by Steven H. Wilson, author and narrator of the recently reviewed Taken Liberty – A Tale From The Artiber Chronicles. Steven said:

“I’ve recorded all of [Lester] del Rey’s BADGE OF INFAMY, and the first five chapters have been uploaded to podiobooks.com.”

Badge Of Infamy by Lester Del Rey |Gutenberg Project| was one of the novels on the challenge!

If you don’t recall, back in mid November I challenged anyone to turn any one of a number of previously unreleased public domain novels into an unabridged single voiced audiobook. As an incentive, I offered a BRAND NEW unabridged audiobook to the first person to complete and release one.

If as I suspect, Steven is the first complete the challenge and meet the requirements of it, he’ll be the winner of his choice of one of three BRAND NEW unabridged audiobooks from Blackstone Audiobooks (For those curious, these audiobooks were purchased by me – and were not given away as a promotion by Blackstone). Basically now that he’s finished recording it, all Steven needs to do is get Badge Of Infamy out there, either on Podiobooks, as he said, as a commercial release or wherever he’d like – just so long as I can verify its completeness he’ll win his choice of one of these:

Galactic Pot Healer by Philip K. Dick

Stranger In A Strange Land by Robert A. Heinlein

Animal Farm by George Orwell

But, if you areCURRENTLY, or were PLANNING, on making your own novel based on the challenge you can still let me know. I’d like to know what you’re doing! And, we might even be able to scrounge up a BRAND NEW commerical audiobook for you too! SFFaudio wants you to make Speculative Fiction audiobooks, and we aren’t above out-and-out bribery to make it happen.

In the meantime, look forward to seeing this logo or one similar up on podiobooks.com very soon:

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