Short film trailer: The Delivery (starring your favourite audiobook narrators)

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Worthy of FIVE EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!!! Here’s the trailer for The Delivery (the only movie ever made about audiobooks):

And here’s the description:

“Reading is boring; and audiobooks are worse!”

That’s what Celia thinks. Celia loves to dance, hates to read. She has a book report due on Monday; if she does not deliver, she doesn’t get to be in the Spring Dance Recital. In an effort to secure a pre-written paper, she takes on a delivery to a local audiobook studio.

Simple, no? Not really.

Her delivery catapults her into a journey through a warren of studios which are inhabited by temperamental actors, ghostly apparitions and overtaxed producers. Upon reaching the final studio, her imagination tumbles her headlong into an full blown 1830 enactment of Lewis Carroll’s Mad Tea Party.

Through her wondrous adventure, Celia learns that listening to audiobooks will help her “deliver” her assignment, and open up a whole new part of her imagination!

A short film written and directed by Gabrielle de Cuir. Produced by Stefan Rudnicki

Harlan Ellison
John Rubinstein
Orson Scott Card
Sir Michael York
Efrem Zimbalist, Jr.
Stephanie Zimbalist
Scott Brick
Emily Janice Card

The movie is available on DVD as a part of Blackstone Audio’s Lewis Carroll boxed set.

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