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Star Ship Sofa Podcast Science Fiction MagazineThis week sees the StarShipSofa’s audio magazine Aural Delights hit Paul di Filippo’s great short story Escape From New Austin and if that was not enough, how about the Fact Article on writing, Plot Part 2 by Terry Edge or if you ever wanted to know what went on over there at SF Signal listen to John DeNardo explains all; or if you are so inclined and want to drift away with some audio poetry take a listen to the fabulous Cinderella’s Funeral by Samantha Henderson, then to finishes off sample Sebastian Cevery’s excellent flash fiction Fork Bomb. Take all of those above, mix it with the best of narrators and a host who lives life on the edge… (who once stayed a week in Margate in a caravan) and you have the makings of a perfect SF audio magazine. Blast Off!

Aural Delights No 50 Paul di Filippo mp3

Poem: Cinderella’s Funeral by Samantha Henderson 02:46

Flash Fiction: Fork Bomb by Sebastian Cevery 05:30

Fact: “Plot Part 2” Terry Edge 08:55

Article: “SF Signal” by John DeNardo 22:20

Main Fiction: Escape From New Austin by Paul Di Filippo 27:29

Narrators:  Amy H Sturgis Ray Sizemore Julie Davis

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