StoryPod 2.0 by James Patrick Kelly streets tomorrow

SFFaudio News Podcast - StoryPod 2.0 by James Patrick is strutin’ and preening! Ya, their cool. They’ve got a Hugo and Nebula award winner podcasting for them. The StoryPod 2.0 podcast featuring stories by James Patrick Kelly started last Friday. On offer are 13 stories over 13 weeks. Even if you’ve downloaded the FREE version of some of these stories, you may still want to subscribe. Jim has added an exclusive commentary on his Nebula Award winning novella Burn. StoryPod 2.0 will also hear Jim’s 1996 Hugo-winning novelette, Think Like a Dinosaur, plus three other Hugo and Nebula-nominated stories: Undone, Saint Theresa of the Aliens, and Men Are Trouble. Tommorow’s release is of JPK’s Breakaway, Backdown. $20.00 buys the lot.

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