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Star Ship SofaRelentless blog-whore that he is, I gave my good buddy Tony Smith the task of writing up a bit about the latest offerings on his Star Ship Sofa podcast. Here’s what Tony (who thinks he can’t write) wrote:

“Following on from the brilliant series of Michael Moorcock stories, the one and only StarShipSofa has gone and got themselves a darn fine futuristic story by 2007 Hugo Nominee, Peter Watts… and if that wasn’t enough, hasn’t Peter Watts narrated this story himself and he also gives a small insight into how this particular tale came about. If you have not already subscribed to the StarShipSofa, then I urge all to do so. They have some fine tales due out soon from the likes of Harry Harrison, Kevin J Anderson, John Varley, Bradley Denton, Pat Murphy and Bruce Sterling among others – so be warned – subscribe or miss out on some fine oral delights!”

I love how Tony talks, and guess what, he writes just like how he talks – “oral delights” – just what kind of show is this?

Star Ship Sofa has consistently proved that it is THE podcast place in which you’ll find discussion of SF authors and their works. At this very moment I’m listening to Tony talk knowledgeably about Hal Clement (Show #73 |MP3|) – for some reason his sidekick, the unflappable Ciaran O’Carroll is absent from the latest show).

Plug this podcast URL into your podcatcher to get the feed automatically:

Posted by Jesse Willis

Here are the new releases for August! Antibodies …

New Releases

Here are the new releases for August!

By Charles Stross
Read by Shondra Marie and Jared Doreck
Infinivox, Unabridged
Stross won the Hugo this year for his novella “The Concrete Jungle”. It’s great to see some of his stories released on audio.

A Cold War
By Charles Stross
Read by Jared Doreck
Infinivox, Unabridged

Dean Koontz’s Frankenstein II: City of Night
By Dean Koontz and Ed Gorman
Read by John Bedford Lloyd
Books on Tape, Unabridged

Ender’s Shadow
By Orson Scott Card
Read by Scott Brick, Gabrielle de Cuir, and cast
Audio Renaissance, Unabridged
This is the first time Ender’s Shadow has been released in unabridged format.

Hart’s Hope
By Orson Scott Card
Read by Stefan Rudnicki
Blackstone Audio, Unabridged

By Dean Koontz
Read by Michael Hanson and Carol Cowan
Brilliance Audio, Unabridged

By Charles Stross
Read by Shondra Marie and Jared Doreck
Infinivox, Unabridged

Lord of Chaos
By Robert Jordan
Read by Kate Reading and Michael Kramer
Audio Renaissance, Unabridged
Volume 6 of Jordan’s Wheel of Time series.

Magic Time: Ghostlands
By Marc Scott Zicree and Robert Charles Wilson
Read by Lloyd James
Blackstone Audio, Unabridged

The Shining
By Stephen King
Read by Campbell Scott
Simon and Schuster Audio, Unabridged
The first audio release of The Shining.

The Territory
By Bradley Denton
Read by Jared Doreck
Infinivox, Unabridged

If you have New Releases that you’d like to see posted here, let us know!

Posted by Scott D. Danielson