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BBC Radio 7 - BBC7My good friend Julie, from the Forgotten Classics podcast, sent me an email pointing out Trueman And Riley a BBC Radio “Drama series about two bickering detectives, starring Robert Daws and Duncan Preston.” Sez Julie:

“Just in case you hadn’t heard it, this [Trueman And Riley] is a good ‘un. Just finished listening to the first episode which was a good little mystery and showed great promise for future character development of the ‘tecs.[detectives]”

I hadn’t heard of it, but found both series 1 and series 2 of Trueman And Riley available via torrent over on!

I’ve now heard the first series, and I must say I do kind of like it. The programme features unpredictable mysteries with a contemporary feel (one episode is set at a James Bond convention). Trueman And Riley might be the very epitome of BBC “light entertainment.” It isn’t as gritty as McLevy, nor as engrossing as the Falco series. But, there is a certain breezy charm to the very modern, middling problems that Trueman and Riley are forced to face.

Here’s the skinny on it from the Wikipedia entry:

Trueman And Riley is a British radio drama series written by Brian B. Thompson and starring Robert Daws and Duncan Preston. Originally named Trueman it began life on BBC Radio 4 on 17 April 2002 with DI Trueman being called back to work after a nervous breakdown in order to solve a high profile murder case, backed up by DS Riley (Duncan Preston). Renamed Trueman And Riley for a relaunch on BBC7, and relocated from Hull to Leeds, the new series saw the pair attempt to solve slightly more everyday crimes, and frequently disagreeing about the best way to proceed.

BBC7 - Trueman And RileyTrueman And Riley
By Brian B. Thompson; Performed by a full cast
30 Minutes [AUDIO DRAMA]
Broadcaster: BBC Radio 7
Broadcast: 2007, 2009

DI Trueman, Robert Daws
D.S. Riley, Duncan Preston
Written by Brian B. Thompson.
Produced by Toby Swift.

Series One:

Episode 1: Vanished
Detectives Trueman and Riley investigate the mysterious disappearance of a man en route from London to a new life in Leeds.

Episode 2: Story
A journalist has fallen from a building while working on a story, but was she pushed? Trueman and Riley are on the case.

Episode 3: Bond
Intrigue and suspicion at a James Bond convention as Trueman and Riley go in search of a stolen ring.

Episode 4: Speed
An angry Riley’s been sent on a speed awareness workshop. But that puts him on the trail of an ex-con from the old days in Hull.

Series Two:

Episode 1: The Road to Nowhere
The Leeds detectives find themselves on assignment to the Student Crime Prevention Team.

Episode 2:The Three Degrees
A student reunion turns sour when a man ends up in the canal. Trueman & Riley investigate.

Episode 3: A Man’s World
Trueman and Riley return to CID to deal with a series of thefts from pregnant women.

Episode 4: The Other Chic
Trueman and Riley are called in when a lingerie shop is burned down in an arson attack.

Episode 5: Love Bytes
Trueman and Riley are sucked into the world of an online role play game.

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