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Brick‘s the first Hey Want To Watch A Movie? podcast commentary track that would fit no-where but squarely in the Aural Noir category. Brick is the 2005 indie film noir flick like no other. This is one of the quietest commentary tracks ever recorded for HWTWAM, we spend a whole lot of the film just watching every scene – still, there is probably some fun to be had in listening to it – if not throw a brick at your TV, not at me.

Hey Want To Watch A Movie? - Brick (2005)Hey, Want To Watch A Movie?Brick
Commentators Christiana Ellis, Mike Meitin, Jesse Willis, Brandon Hill, Mae and Scott Brakeall
1 |MP3| – 2 Hours 12 Minutes [FILM COMMENTARY]
Podcaster: Hey, Want To Watch A Movie?
Podcast: September 11th 2008

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Posted by Jesse Willis