Mighty Movie Podcast: Pontypool – a horror movie for fans of radio drama

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Mighty Movie PodcastMighty Movie Podcast has an interview with Canadian movie director Bruce McDonald about his recently released feature film Pontypool. As I see it this is a horror movie for fans of radio drama. It is based on a novel called Pontypool Changes Everything by Tony Burgess. McDonald got Burgess to adapt the book to film, but before that happened it was originally intended as a radio drama adaptation (for CBC Radio). McDonald and team decided to go with the more traditional film route – but trailer makes it appear as if a radio drama version would really work too.

Pontypool is set almost exclusively at a radio station in small town Ontario. Apparently most of the horror depicted is not actually in what you see, but in what you hear from the panicked phone calls to the station. This and McDonald’s interview make Pontypool sound like a thinking person’s horror film. The disaster itself comes in the form of a traditional zombie outbreak, but the flesh-hungry mob outside the station’s walls is more mysterious than the traditional ghoulish kind.

Have a listen to the interview |MP3|

Then watch the trailer…

There’s also a fake website for the radio station |HERE|

Posted by Jesse Willis

P.S. CBC Radio has a radio drama that it refuses to share – that’s unfair!