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Mech Muse

MechMuse is a new “audio magazine” publishing short stories, serialized novels, columns and interviews, all in the audio format. Each monthly issue is set to include between ten and fifteen hours of “fresh” Science Fiction and Fantasy content which will be downloadable onto an iPod or any other portable audio player. Short stories will be drawn from both new and established authors, novels will all come from “best-selling” authors. MechMuse’s debut issue (March 2006) issue is set to be released at on Feb. 15th 2006. It will feature a short story After a Lean Winter and the audio novel On My Way to Paradise both by David Farland as well as feature works by Kevin J. Anderson. Other contributions include The Second Rat by David Barr Kirtley and more tales by the likes of Richard Raleigh and Edmund Schubert. Subscriptions cost $5 per month, or $25 for six months. There’s also a special coupon available that’ll give you a $1.00 discount off the first issue too!

posted by Jesse Willis