Review of Lost Gods by Drew Beatty

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Fantasy Audiobook - Lost Gods by Drew BeattyLost Gods
By Drew Beatty; Read by Drew Beatty
Published: 2008
Themes: / Fantasy / Gods / Con Men /

Kweku Anansi is just another down-on-his luck con man who preys on the more fortunate during the day and goes home to his loving wife at night. That seems rather a comedown for the African trickster god, which is his real identity. However, Anansi is close to one of the “lost gods” whose powers are fading as the number of people who believe in him grow fewer with time. He meets up with another con man who has a good idea for a big haul when they are confronted by a group of gods who would do anything to be worshipped again. When they offer him the chance to regain his lost power and worshippers Anansi must make a choice between the mortal world which includes his wife and that of the gods.

I always enjoy stories about Anansi whether the authentic folk tales or the modernized use of the character such as is found in Neil Gaiman’s Anansi Boys. This is a smaller tale than Gaiman’s but still well told. We like Anansi from the beginning and pull for him along the winding path his adventures take. Author Drew Beatty does a good job of reading the book, slightly changing his voice to portray characters so that one can really visualize them well. The only problem I came across was that the last three chapters had unedited duplications where the author had reread for proper wording or emphasis.If these are fixed then the story will be much smoother.

I enjoyed this book thoroughly, especially Beatty’s inclusion of the trickster gods from pantheons of both current and long gone religions around the world. If you enjoy modernized tales of gods among us, of the urban fantasy oeuvre, this this will be your cup of tea as well.

Posted by Julie D.