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Final Rune ProductionsFred Greenhalgh, audio dramatist and host of Radio Drama Revival sez:

Finalrune’s new show! I’ll be releasing it as a free podcast in 5-7 min installments, with a paid download of $2.99 available which includes all episodes as a director’s cut and 2 bonus music tracks.

Fred will be posting a new episodes on Fridays throughout July. But if you’re into it, consider downloading the paid version |HERE|.

The program is genuinely funny, featuring a Philip J. Fry-like goober who hits a troll while driving home from a party he was found too uncool for. The troll, by the way, is more of the “grind your bones to make my bread”-type, rather than the cutesy, pink-haired desktop variety.

Later episodes straddle the line between humor and horror. Audiobook narrator William Dufris, playing the troll, is nearly unrecognizable. It sounds as if he’s been gargling battery acid! And the sound, as with all of the field recorded Final Rune shows, is absolutely wonderful.

The first free episode is available now, check it out…

Final Rune - The Troll Of Stony BrookThe Troll Of Stony Brook
By Frederick Greenhalgh; Performed by a full cast
Podcast or MP3 Download – Approx. 36 Minutes [AUDIO DRAMA]
Podcaster: Final Rune Productions
Podcast: July 2010
An awkward teenager, Jamie, is driving home one night from a party when he hits something – something big. His pushy co-worker, Rick, talks him into going back to the scene of the accident… and what they find will change them both forever.

Standalone Episode 1 |MP3|

As Part of Radio Drama Revival Episode #180 |MP3|

Podcast feed:

Here’s the promotional video too:

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The Wall Street Journal: Fred Greenhalgh’s Audio Dramas

Aural Noir: News

Today’s Wall Street Journal
, page A1 (the front page), has a well written article by Barry Newman on modern audio drama entitled: Return With Us to the Thrilling Days Of Yesteryear—Via the Internet. It is subtitled “Fred Greenhalgh’s Audio Dramas Hark Back To Radio Golden Era; It Sounds Like Snow” and thus you know the subject of the piece is Fred Greenhalgh (who we had as a guest on SFFaudio Podcast #039). It details Fred’s new project with the Mad Horse Theater Company, to create an audio drama production of the novel Open Season by Archer Mayor. You can read the entire article HERE. There’s also an accompanying video…

Here is the pilot episode of the Joe Gunther Open Season series |MP3|

And here’s a bit more video showcasing how it was made:

For more details visit the Final Rune website HERE.
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Icebox Radio: Halloween (audio drama) lasts 24 hours

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Icebox Radio TheatreIcebox Radio, is featuring “24 Hours of Terror”, a solid day of horror lasting the 24 hours that is Halloween 2009.

Here’s the schedule:

Midnight – Oct 31, 2009
Atlanta Radio Theater Company: Brides Of Dracula 1
Atlanta Radio Theater Company: Brides of Dracula 2

Atlanta Radio Theater Company: Brides of Dracula 3
Union Signal: Dead Man’s Hole

Darker Projects: Man in the Chair
The Grist Mill: The Homecoming
Imagination-X: Background

Chatterbox Audio: The Dead Girl

Chatterbox Audio: The Dead Girl

19 Nocturne Blvd.: Dracula Dot Com
Imagination-X: Up on the Rooftops

Sound Effects: Haunted Sounds
Disney: Thrilling Chilling Haunted House

Disney: The Haunted Mansion
19 Nocturne Blvd.: For Art’s Sake

Darker Projects: Byron Chronicles: The Taint
Darker Projects: The Man in the Chair
Imagination-X: Mandible Hill

BrokenSea Audio Productions: Kolchak

BrokenSea Audio Productions: Kolchak
Ice Box Radio Theatre: 3 Skeleton Key
Disney: Thrilling Chilling Haunted House 01

Willamette Radio: Murder of Crows
Darker Projects: Zombie Pumpkinheads From Outerspace
Haunted Sounds: House Labratory 05

Atlanta Radio Theater Company: Shadow Over Innsmouth

Atlanta Radio Theater Company: Shadow Over Innsmouth
19 Nocturne Blvd: Thrice Tolled Bell

Bells In The Batfry: The Spectre Bride
Ice Box Radio Theatre: Revolt of the Worms
Haunted Sounds: Entering the Haunted House 01

19 Nocturne Blvd.: The Temple
OTR: The Thing On The Fourbleboard

Ice Box Radio Theatre: Pickaxe Hill
Ice Box Radio Theatre: The Bats
Haunted Sounds: Gathering Storm 03

The Grist Mill: If You Take My Hand My Son |READ OUR REVIEW|
Ice Box Radio Theatre: The Thing On The Ice

Final Rune‘s Halloween Show: LIVE

Final Rune’s Halloween Show: LIVE

OTR: War Of The Worlds (WKBW-Buffalo)

OTR: War Of The Worlds (WKBW-Buffalo)
19 Nocturne Blvd.: Force Majeure (Premiere!)
Imagination-X: The House In The Woods

The Grist Mill: God Of The Razor |READ OUR REVIEW|
Ice Box Radio Theatre: The Thing On the Ice

Imagination-X: Family Radio
Darker Projects: And God Looked

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