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Fantasy Audiobook - Hercules by Geraldine McCaughreanHercules
By Geraldine McCaughrean; Read by Cynthia Bishop and the Full Cast Family
4 CD’s – 4 Hours – [UNABRIDGED]
Publisher: Full Cast Audio
Published: 2009

Everyone knows who Hercules is. But how many of us really know his story, with its twists and turns, its wondrous triumphs, and its aching tragedy?

Human son of the great Zeus, Hercules is the strongest man alive. But when he is tricked by the jealous goddess Hera into committing a horrible crime of rage, he must make amends through fulfilling a series of frightful tasks. Here are the stories of how he faces the manyheaded Hydra, battles the fierce Nemean Lion, and braves the depths of hell itself.

Irresistible adventure from England’s most honored author of books for young readers!
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The SFFaudio Podcast #037


The SFFaudio PodcastThe SFFaudio Podcast #037 – Jesse and Scott talk about the latest audiobook releases, audiobook narrators and plenty more. It’s a show full of “stage-actory goodness” in which we learn the ultimate truth:

“the monster frozen in the ice is definitely alive”

Talked about on today’s show:
Scott is living the sequel to High Plains Drifter, Hercules by Geraldine McCaughrean, Full Cast Audio, Who was the greatest Greek hero?, Perseus, Odysseus by Geraldine McCaughrean, American Gods by Neil Gaiman, Achilles, Guest Law by John C. Wright, Infinivox, Aliens Rule edited by Allan Kaster, “How Music Begins” by James Van Pelt, Listening Library, the Becka Cooper series, Terrier by Tamora Peirce, Bloodhound by Tamora Pierce, Random House Audio, The Year Of The Flood by Margaret Atwood, Audible addiction, Audible Frontiers, The Wind Up Girl by Paolo Bacigalupi, Jonathan Davis, Infinivox’s The Fluted Girl by Paolo Bacigalupi, Recorded Books, Saturn’s Children by Charles Stross, Wild Voices Audio, The City And The Stars by Arthur C. Clarke, Blind Lake, Bridge Of Years, Darwinia, Spin by Robert Charles Wilson, Julian Comstock by Robert Charles Wilson, Hachette Audio, Transition by Iain M. Banks (UNABRIDGED), also the podcast version, Consider Phlebas by Iain M. Banks, Dune: House Atredies by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson, Blackstone Audio, Treason by Orson Scott Card,’s latest sale includes: Kindred by Octavia E. Butler, Ringworld by Larry Niven, The Sparrow by Mary Doria Russell, Stalking The Vampire by Mike Resnick, Waystation by Clifford Simak, Grover Gardner, Born Standing Up by Steve Martin, The Jerk, Macmillan Audio, The Box: Uncanny Stories by Richard Matheson, The Twilight Zone (1985), “Button Button” by Richard Matheson, (the collection also includes: Girl Of My Dreams, Dying Room Only, A Flourish Of Strumpets, No Such Thing As A Vampire, Pattern For Survival, Mute, Creeping Terror, Shock Wave, Clothes Make The Man, The Jazz Machine, ‘Tis The Season To Be Jelly, The Mystery Of Grace by Charles de Lint, Slings & Arrows – Series 1, Podkayne Of Mars by Robert A. Heinlein, Armor by John Steakley, John Carpenter’s Vampires
FlashForward by Robert J. Sawyer, Star Trek by Alan Dean Foster, FlashForward (the TV series), revealing or realizing the solution to a mystery in fiction, Terminal Freeze by Lincoln Child, Zachary Quinto, The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury, Shed Skin by Robert J. Sawyer, Burn Me Deadly by Alex Bledsoe, Sword Edged Blond, Blood Groove, Escape From Hell by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle, The Mote In God’s Eye by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle, first contact, gender, feminism, The Gripping Hand by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle, iPhone, audiobook functionality, CBC Radio and NPR apps.

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Free First Chapter of Peter Pan in Scarlet at Audible

SFFaudio Online Audio

Audible.comThe first chapter of Peter Pan in Scarlet, the new authorized sequel to J. M. Barrie’s classic children’s story, is available as a download from the Audible Free Audio RSS feed.

Peter Pan in ScarletPeter Pan in Scarlet
By Geraldine McCaughrean; Read by Tim Curry
ISBN: 0743564537
6 CDs – 7 hours 16 minutes [UNABRIDGED]
Publisher: Simon and Schuster Audio

Tim Curry reads excerpts from both Peter Pan in Scarlet and Peter Pan in the October 5, 2006 Simon Says Podcast. You can get this episode by iTunes subscription or through the RSS feed or from this mp3 file. A 90-minute dramatized version of the book aired on BBC Radio 4 as described in the October 10, 2006 SFFaudio post.

Author Geraldine McCaughrean spoke about Peter Pan in Scarlet on Eye to Eye with Katie Couric. Podcasts of the October 4, 2006 interview can be downloaded from the CBS News RSS feeds.

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BBC Radio 4 has The Official PETER PAN Sequel

Online Audio

Online AudioRoy, our UK correspondent, states that a couple upcoming of shows coming to BBC Radio 4 should be of interest. Both items should be available via the usual ‘listen again’ facility for 7 days following broadcast too .The first, “The Saturday Play” on BBC Radio 4 this weekend…

Peter Pan In Scarlet
By Geraldine McCaughrean; Full Cast
90 Minutes – [AUDIO DRAMA]
BROADCAST: Saturday October 14th: 14:30-16:00 (UK TIME)
“A darker, more frightening, yet entirely sympathetic updating of Barrie’s vision of what it is to grow up”.
*This was the officially sanctioned sequel dramatised by Nick Warburton.

And on BBC 4’s “Afternoon Play”…

When It Rains
By ???; Full Cast
45 Minutes – [AUDIO DRAMA]
BROADCAST: Saturday October 20th: 14:15-15:00 (UK TIME)
“A ghost story from the age of steam”.

Roy says of the latter…. “[The] Radio Times seems to rate it very highly as ‘a genuinely chilling play.'”

posted by Jesse Willis