Beam Me Up podcast does Xmas Science Fiction

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Podcast - Beam Me UpPaul Cole and his Rockland, ME based podcast called Beam Me Up have been posting some very interesting SF stories in the feed of late. These include readings of stories by Mark Long, Belinda Subermann, Shaun Saunders, James Patrick Kelly and Lloyd Biggle Jr.! The latest, is a cover story from the December 1984 issue of Asimov’s Science Fiction magazine. It is of course, a Xmas story and by none other than Jack McDevitt!

Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction MagazineShow # 32 Part 3 of Promises To Keep by Jack McDevitt
Show # 31 Part 2 of Promises To Keep by Jack McDevitt
Show # 30 Part 1 of Promises To Keep by Jack McDevitt

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Dateline Jasoom Podcast on The Early Days of the SF pulps!

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Podcast - Dateline JasoomOn the newest Dateline Jasoom, there’s a good discussion with noted pulp fan/historian Robert Weinberg. He talks about the early, early days of Science Fiction in the pulps. Robert has written 16 fiction books, 16 non-fiction books, has edited over 100 books. This was recorded at Chicago’s Windycon. Also in on the discussion is SF author Jack McDevitt.

The show starts off with a Tarzan Yodel Song (better than it sounds!)

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