The SFFaudio Podcast #055


The SFFaudio PodcastThe SFFaudio Podcast #055 – Jesse and Scott talk to Jack J. Ward of The Sonic Society podcast about audio drama.

Talked about on today’s show:
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Posted by Jesse Willis

Review of Peter Galaxy: Interstellar Envoy by Brian Price and Jerry Stearns

Science Fiction Audio Drama - Peter Galaxy: Interstellar EnvoyPeter Galaxy: Interstellar Envoy
By Brian Price and Jerry Stearns; Featuring David Ossman and Michael Sheard
1 CD – 45 Minutes [Audio Drama]
Publisher: Great Northern Audio
Published: 2003
Themes: / Science Fiction / Comedy / Aliens / Cars /

This CD contains the live performance of Peter Galaxy: Interstellar Envoy and Tell Them NAPA Sent You, which were recorded at the Mark Time Science Fiction Audio Awards at the 2003 CONvergence in Minneapolis, MN. It stars Michael Sheard (Star Wars, Dr. Who) and David Ossman of the Firesign Theater. And it is hilarious, great fun.

Peter Galaxy: Interstellar Envoy tells the story is about a radio actor who, long ago, was the star of the famous Peter Galaxy radio series. Aliens come down, thinking that Peter Galaxy is a real person whose help they need to defend themselves against an interstellar threat. The comparison to Galaxy Quest is obvious and intentional. The script is full of science fiction tropes that play well in front of a convention audience. The jokes come fast and furious, and there’s not a poor actor in the entire cast.

Tell Them NAPA Sent You is a funny shorter piece about a guy whose car won’t start. He figures out which part he needs, then goes in search of it. The story takes a distinct fantastic turn when he’s told, after a dizzying set of directions to a place where he can find this part, to knock on the “lower door – DON’T try the high one”. Definitely chuckle worthy.

Like I said, both shows were recorded live in front of a convention audience, which had a great time by the sound of them. As did I!

Posted by Scott D. Danielson