Broken Sea Audio UPDATE: Edgar Allen Poe’s Raven & a NEW Jonny Quest

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Broken Sea AudioBroken Sea Audio, has started Halloween early with productions both familiar and un. Here’s the official line:

“Pride they say comes before The Fall. Well Fall is upon us, and pride we have in abundance. Pride in that since March of this year we have grown from an idea into a thriving audio drama production group. October is now here, and to celebrate this most special month BrokenSea Audio Productions presents a Halloween Season to thrill, disturb shock and entertain. We have dead things, serial killers, murder, monsters, strange visages and poems. We have original works and classics. We have some of the best voice acting talent out there and we have you, our dear listeners… So come with us now… down these stone steps… into the damp nitre infested darkness… there are some audio shows that we would like you to listen to……”

And, here are the first few releases…

All Hallows Eve by P.S. Gifford |MP3|

Permanent Beauty by P.S. Gifford |MP3|

Abattoir by P.S. Gifford |MP3|

The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe |MP3|

Also new in the BSAP lineup is…

Jonny Quest – The Audio Drama

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