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Star Ship SofaStarShipSofa and the BSFA are back for Day Two in their week long run of releasing narrated versions of the Best Short Story Nominees for 2007.

Today is the turn of Ken MacLeod with his story Lighting Out. This story first appeared in the anthology disLocations.

Mother had got into the walls again. Constance Mukgatle kept an eye on her while scrabbling at the back of her desk drawer for the Norton. Her fingers closed around the grip and the trigger. She withdrew the piece slowly, nudging the drawer farther open with the heel of her hand. Then she whipped out the bell-muzzled device and levelled it at the face that had sketched itself in ripples in the paint of her study.

Narrated by Diane Severson Mori

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Posted by Tony C. Smith

Fast Forward: Contemporary Science Fiction interviews David Weber

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Fast Forward  Contemporary Science Fiction LogoFast Forward: Contemporary Science Fiction is our favorite TV show that is also an MP3 podcast! If you haven’t already subscribed to this feisty interview show, you’re missing out. Upcoming interviews will include authors Cory Doctorow, Ken MacLeod, and Charles Stross! But the post on hand today is a WEB EXCLUSIVE, A FF Special interview with David Weber. The interview was taped January 22, 2007, Weber talks with host Tom Schaad about his new novel, Off Armageddon Reef (SFFaudio review forthcoming), which is the first volume in his new SF book series.

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