The SFFaudio Podcast #055


The SFFaudio PodcastThe SFFaudio Podcast #055 – Jesse and Scott talk to Jack J. Ward of The Sonic Society podcast about audio drama.

Talked about on today’s show:
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KFAI Sound Affects: A Radio Playground schedule

SFFaudio Online Audio

Sound Affects: A Radio PlaygroundJerry Stearns of Great Northern Audio Theatre and the long running radio drama showcase Sound Affects: A Radio Playground, has planned out an compelling Science Fiction and Fantasy audio drama plan for the coming quarter.

Here’s the schedule:

Aug. 16 – Jokes In Space – this year’s Mark Time Radio Show. “Sci-fi sketch comedy from Great Northern Audio Theatre.”

Aug. 23 – Ruby: Tired of the Green Menace – the FIRST Ruby show from ZBS (she’s still called Ruby Tuesday).

Aug. 30 – Earth Abides based on the novel by George Stewart. From the “Escape” series in 1950. “One of the best post-holocaust stories ever.”

Sept. 6, 13, 20 – Anne Manx and the Empress Blair Project – the latest from Radio Repertory Company of America, with Claudia Christian.

Oct. 8 & 11 – The Radio Arcade – an “obscure 4-part series from the 80’s about the special games in the arcade’s back room.”

Sound Affects: A Radio Playground airs Sundays in at 9:30 PM on KFAI, 90.3 FM and 106.7 FM, Minneapolis and St. Paul. Online streaming is available at

The first episode on the schedule is the 2009 Mark Time Awards show, titled Jokes In Space, it was recorded at Convergence 2009. It is available as an |MP3|. Am I the only one who’d kill for a regular Sound Affects podcast feed?

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Sound Affects does a War Of The Worlds month

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Sound Affects: A Radio PlaygroundThis October marks the 70th Anniversary of the Orson Welles and the Mercury Theatre’s War of the Worlds program, now known as “the panic broadcast” of 1938. It’s also the 110th Anniversary of the publication of the original novel by H. G. Wells. In celebration each Sunday this month Jerry Stearns, host of Sound Affects: A Radio Playground, will present excerpts from some of the many different radio versions of the War of the Worlds, plus parodies and take-offs, and background on the original Orson Welles production and at least a dozen other versions since then.

Sound Affects: A Radio Playground airs every Sunday in October at 9:30 PM on
KFAI, 90.3 FM and 106.7 FM, Minneapolis and St. Paul. Online streaming is available at Here’s the October schedule:

October 5th 2998 – The story surrounding the 1938 Orson Welles “War of the Worlds”, the most famous radio broadcast of all time. And a parody, “They Came For The Candy” by Wisconsin’s Radio Pirates (featuring Scott Dikkers, of ‘The Onion’).

October 12th 2998 – Excerpts of War of the Worlds productions by the *Lux Radio Theater*, and the *L.A. TheatreWorks* (with an all Star Trek cast), plus three different parodies.

October 19th 2998 – Excerpts of *Jeff Wayne’s musical* version of War of the Worlds, from *WKBW* in Buffalo, NY, and from the *BBC*, plus more take-offs, including the *Simpsons* parody.

October 26th 2998 – The complete *50th Anniversary Production of War of the Worlds*, starring *Jason Robards*, Steve Allen, Hector Elizondo and recognizable voices from NPR, all recorded on location at George Lucas’ Skywalker Ranch by Oscar winning sound artist Randy Thom, and directed by David Ossman.

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Space Casey – Q&A podcast & the Audio Drama goes Radio Drama!

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Space Casey audio dramaI missed it! I missed my chance to throw a few questions at Christiana Ellis during her Q&A session for Space Casey. [sigh] The good news, the whole event was recorded and you can still listen to it |MP3|. OR get it through the podcast feed:

Online Audio - Radio Show - Sound Affects A Radio PlaygroundMore Casey news! Sound Affects: A Radio Playground will be airing ON THE RADIO beginning March 16th 2008. The host, Jerry Stearns sez, “We have new high quality versions for the air. One a week through April and May.” Is this the first podcast audio drama to be broadcast on radio? I think it could be! Sound Affects can be heard via live streaming on Sundays and is also broadcast on the radio in the Minneapolis/St. Paul. region – 90.3 FM Minneapolis, 106.7 FM St. Paul. Not in the Twin Cities region? Check out the show via the archives on the KFAI website for two weeks after each broadcast.

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KFAI reprieves Sound Affect radio drama program

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KFAI Community Radio, Minneapolis and St. Paul, MNA while back we announced that Sound Affects: A Radio Playground was being taken off the air. But it looks like we have some very good news on that front. Jerry Stearns, the show’s host and all-around Radio Drama guru, applied and received a new time slot on KFAI. Jerry’s show now has a full hour on Sunday evenings (9:30-10:30 PM). The first show in the new slot aired July 1. The second show, on July 8. The latter, consisted of a talk with David Ossman, of the Firesign Theatre and the broadcast of a new work that was performed at Convergence 2007. The con theme for Convergence 2007 was “Creature Feature”, so the play is about, you guesed it, creatures

The Learning Curve
By Brian Price and Jerry Stearns; With a full cast featuring David Ossman, Wally Wingert, Preston Ossman, Eleanor Price.
Broadcaster: KFAI / Sound Affects
Broadcast: July 2007

This program |RealAudio| is archived and available as a RealAudio stream on the the KFAI website for the next two weeks.

BBC Radio 3 and 4 PLUS KFAI all have Spec. Fic Audio

Online Audio

Our U.K. contributor “Roy” has clued us in on two cool BBC Radio programs coming next weekend…

Online AudioThe Saturday Play: Haunted Hospital
By Trevor Hoyle; Performed by a Full Cast
Broadcaster: BBC Radio 4
Broadcast: Saturday 5th May 2007 – 14:30-15:30 (U.K. Time)
A ghost story, set in a hospital and featuring two parallel storylines, one contemporary and the other set in the late 1800s, the latter drawing on real historical events. First broadcast in July 2005.

This should also be available via the Radio 4 Saturday Play “Listen Again” service for 7 days following the broadcast.

Online Audio BBC Radio 3Blindness
By Jose Saramago; Translated by Giovanni Pontiero.
Broadcaster: BBC Radio 3
Broadcast: Sunday 6th May 2007 – 20:00-21:30 (U.K. Time)
“A driver waiting at the traffic lights goes blind & becomes patient zero in a contagion that sweeps through a city. The authorities isolate the blind in a mental asylum. Blind thugs take over. When all are blind, all the rules change.”

This should also be available via the Radio 3 “Listen Again” for 6 days following the broadcast.

KFAI Community Radio, Minneapolis and St. Paul, MNRoy also points out that KFAI‘s Sound Affects program, host by Jerry Stearns, is running a 10 part series from ZBS called The Incredible Adventures Of Jack Flanders. This 1978 series will be in the last ten programmes before KFAI removes Sound Affects for its current slot. You can listen to the latest two programmes via the RealAudio format (including part 1 of The Incredible Adventures Of Jack Flanders) HERE. For more info on the Jack Flanders series check out THIS article.

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