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L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future 24L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future, Volume 24
By Various, Read by Various
Audible Download – 14 Hours 46 Mins – [UNABRIDGED]
Publisher: Audible Frontiers
Published: 2008

Listen to the best new science fiction and fantasy short stories from up-and-coming writers. Established in 1983 by L. Ron Hubbard expressly for the aspiring writer, Writers of the Future has become the most respected and significant forum for new talent in all aspects of speculative fiction. The elite character of the contest is evident from the roster of judges: Kevin J. Anderson, Doug Beason, Gregory Benford, Orson Scott Card, Brian Herbert, Nina Kiriki Hoffman, Eric Kotani, Anne McCaffrey, Larry Niven, Frederik Pohl, Jerry Pournelle, Tim Powers, Robert Silverberg, and K. D. Wentworth. Since its inception, the contest has helped place more than 250 novels and 2,500 short stories on bookshelves around the world. The Writers of the Future Award has also earned its place alongside the Hugo and Nebula awards in the triad of speculative fiction’s most prestigious acknowledgements of literary excellence.
If I Were You by L. Ron HubbardIf I Were You
2 CDs – 2 Hours – [UNABRIDGED]
By L. Ron Hubbard, Read by multicast
Publisher: Galaxy Press
Published: 2008

Circus dwarf Little Tom Little is the king of midgets, loved by crowds and carnival folk alike. Only he doesn’t just want to be a bigger circus star, he wants to be just like the circus’ tall and imposing leader. Trouble begins the moment that a set of ancient books containing the secret of switching bodies finds its way into Tom Little’s tiny hands. When he magically trades his small frame with that of the circus chief, finds himself in a giant-sized heap of trouble—his craving for height has landed him smack in the center ring surrounded by forty savage cats! ALSO INCLUDES THE FANTASY STORY “THE LAST DROP”
The Great Secret by L. Ron HubbardThe Great Secret
By L. Ron Hubbard, Read by multicast
2 CDs – 2 Hours – [UNABRIDGED]
Publisher: Galaxy Press
Published: 2008

Fanner Marston was raised a slave as a child, became a petty street thief as a teen, and now masters his own craft and crew as a grown man. He’s also gone completely mad. Driven by privation, with a vicious greed and slavering lust for power, Marston alone of forty men has survived the perilous trek through a blistering desert to the magical city of Parva, where legend says a secret awaits which will give him absolute control over the Universe. However, Marston finds the key to all power is not at all what he expected. . . . ALSO INCLUDES THE SCIENCE FICTION STORIES “SPACE CAN,” “THE BEAST” AND “THE SLAVER”.
Posted by Scott D. Danielson

StarShipSofa Podcast covers James Tripree Jr.

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Starship Sofa PodcastStarshipSofa , the terrific U.K. podcast that specializes in Science Fiction authors has one heck of a show there. The hosts, Tony and Ciaran, have an especially crackin’ show this week, one that I am truly chuffed to tell you about. On offer today is a show on James Tiptree Jr. (AKA Alice Sheldon), a writer who lived a very extraordinary life. As the boys say, she “blazed across the Science Fiction skies” with her short stories of the 1970s. And stay tuned for her shocking ending!

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Review The Complete Works Of L. Ron Hubbard by L. Ron Hubbard

SFFaudio Review


By L. Ron Hubbard; read by Fran Drescher
48 cassettes – 71 Hours [ABRIDGED]
Published: April 1st 2004
ISBN: 031200400X
Themes: / Science Fiction / Money / Past Lives / Money / Psychic Alien Invasion / More Money / L. Ron Is The Messiah /

“A year ago it was just another snake cult, but now…”

A work to stagger the imagination, The Complete Works Of L. Ron Hubbard (abridged) includes short stories, novellas, novellettes, novels, trilogies, quadrilogies, grocery lists and much much more by L. Ron Hubbard! You really can’t deny the persuasive argument it all makes – in fact the good folks at PEDANT AUDIO made sure I couldn’t leave their Scientology compound until it did make sense and of course only after the symbolic signing-over of my trust fund and all my worldly goods! What’s especially nice is the writing all hangs together like a beautiful audio-tapestry, kind of like the way things do when you’ve been denied sleep for three days straight. In fact now that I think about it, it makes sense in exactly that way. The audiobook is performed by Fran Drescher, who you probably remember from “The Nanny” television series. Fran Drescher’s range is impressive, she’s able to put a Queens, NY accent with her trademark nasal quality into any character she chooses – thankfully she chooses to do it a lot in this audiobook. The packaging is also excellent, it comes in a lead lined box weighing 88 pounds guaranteed to prevent Xenu and his evil minions from controlling it with their thought-rays. Thankfully the audiobook is available by express courier for the reasonable price of $560.99 + $122.50 shipping. I suggest you take out a second mortgage and buy this audiobook immediately, I know I did. This review will self destruct in 5 seconds…

Posted by Jesse Willis