Review of Brad Lansky and the Anti-Starc by J.D. Venne

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Brad Lansky and the Anti-StarcBrad Lansky and the Anti-Starc
By J.D. Venne; Performed by a full cast
1 Hour 44 Minutes – [AUDIO DRAMA]
Publisher: Protophonic
Published: 2010
Themes: / Science Fiction / Hard SF / Audio Drama / Starships / Stars / Artificial Intelligence / Life /

These are troubled times. MARA, the mighty blue supergiant of the Torvus Iubar system is dying, as are the other thirteen ambistars that make up the Ambistar Collective. Billions of lives are in peril. What conceivable force could cause the simultaneous death of fourteen ambistars thousands of light-years apart?

Attention Audiofiles: here is something to sink your ears into. Superior audio design is the hallmark of J.D. Venne’s Brad Lansky audio series, and this latest title (Brad Lansky and the Anti-Starc, the 4th installment) is the best yet. Through rich audio, Venne tells the continuing story of Brad Lansky and his crew, who this time are in search for the cause of the impending destruction of an amazing network of stars.

This audio drama is not your typical fare. The effects, music, and actors combine for an audio experience that reminds me a bit of Meatball Fulton’s Ruby series. Not in subject matter, but in presentation: there and here, the audio is the thing. The sound is as interesting as the story, and Venne’s story is pure hard science fiction. Be sure to use a good set of headphones, and enjoy the ride!

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Posted by Scott D. Danielson