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BrokenSea Audio Productions celebrates the 30th Anniversary of the original Mad Max film by releasing a free, full cast audio drama…

Broken Sea Audio Productions - Mad Max: Tomorrow’s Road

Mad Max: Tomorrow’s Road is an original story, featuring voice actors playing roles from both the trilogy of films and some original characters. All are backed up by a soundtrack from The Raygun Girls and special sound effects featuring a genuine Ford Falcon Interceptor! Have a listen |MP3| or subscribe…

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Posted by Jesse Willis

The SFFaudio Podcast #010 – Bill Hollweg from BrokenSea Audio Productions


The SFFaudio PodcastThe SFFaudio Podcast #010 – In what may be our smurfiest show ever we’ve dropped the usual format for an exclusive interview with Bill Hollweg from BrokenSea Audio Productions. It’s a Texas sized show in which we get Bill to spill the beans on upcoming BSAP projects like the retro-Battlestar Galactica, an all new Mad Max adventure and the audio drama version of Escape From New York!

We also hear about:
Me gushing over the ongoing 7 part BSAP miniseries of Conan: Queen Of The Black Coast, then I compare BSAP’s Jake Sampson: Monster Hunter to Tales Of The Gold Monkey and Bill compares it to Temple Of The Vampire, listen for the description of Beta Flight (you’re thinking Alpha Flight‘s cheaper cousin right?), Body Slam Alley (No one expects a wrestling audio drama!), newcomer 19 Nocturne Boulevard, Maudelayne featuring J.R.R. Tolkien, and plenty more!

Posted by Jesse Willis