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Star Ship Sofa Podcast Science Fiction Magazine StarShipSofa: The Audio Science Fiction Magazine hits not just one great writer this week but TWO! Lucius Shepard and Norman Spinrad. Blast Off with the best science fiction podcast out there. Sorry that was just me, Tony C Smith. Well, I would say that! So join me in this week’s show for two great stories by legends in the SF  world.

Aural Delights No 44 Lucius Shepard mp3

Poetry:Flesh Eating Alien Vampire Sex On The Moon by David Kopsaka Merkel 01:30

Flash Fiction: Man Of The Theatre By Norman Spinrad 4:00

Fact: Halloween by Amy H Sturgis 13:20

Book Review: Sean Keough 28:50

Main Fiction: Senor Voltro by Lucius Shepard

Narrators: Julie Davis, Mark Nelson, Paul Caggegi

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Posted by Tony C. Smith

Norman Spinrad Audio Drama COMPLETED and DOWNLOADABLE

SFFaudio Update

Norman Spinrad's Voice OverBroken Sea Audio ProductionsTwo months ago we told you about an unproduced Norman Spinrad, audio drama that was written for Omni magazine, and that was languishing unrecorded. Broken Sea contacted Spinrad and secured the okay for go-ahead. Mark Kalita and the good folks at Broken Sea Audio Productions have now COMPLETED it. Reportedly, Spinrad has given the dramatization a thumb’s up and it is available for listening…

Voice Over by Norman SpinradVoice Over
By Norman Spinrad; Featuring a full cast
Publisher: Broken Sea
Published: August 2007
Talk radio shows are always a source of interesting characters, sometimes originating from the most unexpected places. But amiable, unflappable talk show host Bobby Edwards gets more than he bargains for when his airwaves are suddenly hijacked by a strange cast of callers from beyond the stars.

Featuring the vocal talents of:

Mark Kalita as Bobby Edwards
Elie Hirschman as: The Announcer, Debbie, Caller #3, Electronic Voice, Daffy Duck, JFK, Groucho Marx & Ma Bell
Chip Joel as: Mr. Spock, Porky Pig, Rod Serling, Orson Welles & Bert Parks
Doug Manllen as: Caller #2 & The Director

Directed by Mark Kalita
Post-production by Paul Mannering
Music by Scott Shannon –

Unproduced Norman Spinrad RADIO DRAMA available for FREE

SFFaudio News

Norman Spinrad's Voice OverNorman Spinrad, the respected SF author, has posted the complete text for a short unproduced radio play on one of his websites. Spinrad is probably best known as the author of one of the best hours of television ever produced (he wrote the script for “The Doomsday Machine” episode from the original Star Trek television series). The play’s called Voice Over. About it, Spinrad writes:

“A little 3-5 minute radio play, commissioned by OMNI for the anniversary of Orson Welles’ WAR OF THE WORLDS broadcast. Never produced for broadcast. Any radio station interested, can contact me by e-mail here. Money need not change hands.”

Interested parties can contact Spinrad by email.