The Penultimate Truth about Philip K. Dick – an excellent video documentary on Philip K. Dick

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Ray Nelson, who we talk to on the next SFFaudio Podcast, is in this excellent documentary entitled The Penultimate Truth About Philip K. Dick.

It’s well worth watching, especially the first few parts, which deal with Dick’s early career. There’s also an intriguing mention of Dick’s first published story – presumably lost – that was published in a newspaper. Let’s find that!

Part 1 of 9:

Part 2 of 9 (includes discussion of Roog):

Part 3 of 9:

Part 4 of 9:

Part 5 of 9:

Part 6 of 9:

Part 7 of 9:

Part 8 of 9:

Part 9 of 9:

Posted by Jesse Willis