Read-Along Adventures features COOL downloadable read-along books

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ReadAlongadventures.comJoey Chivers’ read along site is another in the recent spate of Record/Book combination sites we’ve been telling you about. Here’s how Joey describes his her mission:

“Remember those great read-along books and tapes from when you were a kid? We sure do. In the days before computers and DVD and VHS, this was the next best thing to watching a movie or a TV show. You put in the tape, open the book, and read along with the cheesy voice over and cool sound effects. And there was no way you could possibly forget when it was time to turn the page.”

More than two dozen adventures have been converted from paper and cassette books into flash animated e-books with accompanying audio. The craftsman-like translation from hard-copy to electronic version has produced an effect very much like the original books. If you’re feeling nostalgic, or have young kids yourself you should definitely download a few. Available on the site are:

Star Wars, Star Trek, James Bond, Mary Poppins, Indiana Jones and many others. Check them all out HERE.

Joey has also assigned himself herself the task of cataloging an ongoing list of all the Read-Along books that have ever been published. If you have some Read Along records or tapes that you think probably aren’t yet listed head on over and look.

*updated May 10th 2007