GenderTalk talks to Samuel R. Delany about his novel Dhalgren

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Online Audio - Gender TalkGenderTalk is the leading worldwide weekly radio program that about transgenderism. Each week GenderTalk presents news and information that aims to challenge traditional views of gender. No, we haven’t changed focus, instead there is a particular GenderTalk episode that has an interview with Science Fiction author Samuel R. Delany about his novel Dhalgren!

Samuel Delaney, author of “Dhalgren”, an apocalyptic tale which received rave reviews on its release in 1975, which went on to become one of the bestselling science fiction novels of all time, and which is being reissued today. He has received two Hugo and four Nebula awards for his Science Fiction writing, which presents groundbreakingly diverse gender, sexual and racial imagery. Delaney is well known as the first ‘out’ gay African American science fiction writer, and we spoke with him about diversity themes in his work and in the world of science fiction. Delaney currently teaches creative writing at Temple University.

You can download the entire show |MP3| but to get to the interview scroll ahead to the 64 minute mark.

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1967 Radio Drama of a Science Fiction classic available for FREE in MP3

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“In 1967, WBAI produced a two-hour radio dramatization of Samuel R. Delany’s first short piece [a novellette] of SF, ‘The Star-Pit’, with narration by Delany himself.” That broadcast is now available as 4 FREE Mp3s, all of which are downloadable HERE, along with a fascinating article chronicling the radio drama’s production history. Enjoy!

Benjamen Walker's Theory Of EverythingThe Star Pit
By Samuel R. Delany; Perfomed by a Full Cast
4 MP3 Files – Approx. 2 Hours [RADIO DRAMA]
Broadcaster: Mind’s Eye Theater / WBAI FM New York
Broadcast: 1967
A tale of loneliness and difference, about grounded workers who service the starships that will travel the galaxy.

All four parts:

Part One (24.3 MB)
Part Two (23.7 MB)
Part Three (22.8 MB)
Part Four (25.9 MB)

Performers: Samuel R. Delany, Baird Searles, Randa Haynes, Walter Harris, Jerry Matts, Joan Tanner and Phoebe Wray.
Produced by Baird Searles
Production Assistant Neal Conan
Directed by Daniel Landau
Music and Sound Effects by Susan Schweers
Technical Direction by David Rabkin and Ed Woodward

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