Some very cool news from CBC Radio One: BETWEEN T…

Some very cool news from CBC Radio One:

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May 16-27 SIX IMPOSSIBLE THINGS, curated by Nalo Hopkinson
A master in the world of “what if”, Nalo Hopkinson is one of Canada’s bright young stars in speculative fiction . For the next 2 weeks she takes us on a tour of the genre, presenting work by both well known and emerging Canadian talent. Between The Covers celebrates this work with a special presentation in words, sound and music.

Mon. May 16
Edward Willett “Strange Harvest”
Terence M. Green “Room 1786”

Tues. May 17
Candas Jane Dorsey “Mom and Mother Theresa”
Marcie Tentchoff “Quite Contrary”

Wed. May 18th:
Larissa Lai “The Combing”
Penn Kemp “Then There Were Foxes”

Thurs. May 19th:
Wilma Kenny “The Wedding”
Sandra Kasturi “Carnaval Perpetuel”

Fri. May 20th:
Nalo Hopkinson “Precious”
Dora Knez “If I Had Wings”

Mon. May 23rd:
Ven Begamudre “In the Beginning There Was Memory”
Phyllis Gotlieb “was/man”

Tues. May 24th:
Yves Meynard “Souvenirs”
Pam MacLean “Dream Diner”

Wed. May 25th:
Dan Rubin “The Singing”
Rhea Rose-Fleming “Mermaid”

Thurs. May 26th:
Nega Mezlekia “Devil in the Wilderness”
Wade Bell “Picture, War”

Fri. May 27th:
Ashok Mathur “Once Upon an Elephant”
Nancy Kilpatrick “Sweet”

Produced in Toronto by Joe Mahoney, Rosie Fernandez, Linda Grearson, Wayne Richardson, Tracy Rideout and Greg DeClute