William Hope Hodgson’s The House On The Borderland on BBC7

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BBC 7's The 7th Dimension BBC7’s The Seventh Dimension is airing a new commission of The House On The Borderland from their North Ireland producers this week. No word on whether it is unabridged or not, but you can hear it via the Listen Again service. Not sure who Hodgson is or what The House On The Borderland is about? Here’s a take one author’s opinion upon this work:

“A classic of the first water.” – H.P. Lovecraft

Wikipedia sez of it:

“[The House On The Borderland] is a milestone that signals the leaving of the realistic nature of supernatural fiction of the late 19th century. Hodgson follows out of the ghost story and the gothic to create a newer cosmic horror that leaves a great impression on the people who would become the great writers of the weird tales of the middle of the 20th century.”

BBC7 - The House On The Borderland by William Hope HodgsonThe House On The Borderland
By William Hope Hodgson; Read by Jim Norton
4 Broadcasts – Approx. 2 Hours [ABRIDGED]
BROADCASTER: BBC7’s The 7th Dimension
BROADCAST: Tues. – Fri. at 6.30pm and 00.30am starting Sept. 4
Two friends camp near the ruins of an old house in a remote area in the west of Ireland, there they discover a manuscript which describes the terrifying experiences of the last owner of the house of the title.

Hour 25 resurrected for Halloween

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Hour 25Hour 25 has returned. But for a supposedly weekly show it sure is a long time in coming (the last show was in March). Host Warren James and his wife Suzzane Gibson have prepared a Halloween reading show. This year two tales are included…

The Tyburn Ghost
By The Countess of Munster
“[A] classic English haunted house story wherein a Mother and her daughters get a bit more than they were expecting while on a visit to London. But then, what would you expect to find in a house that was built on a hill previously used for hanging criminals?”

A Tropical Horror
By William Hope Hodgson
“[Features] a sailing ship that has an encounter with a horror from the ocean depths while traveling through the South Seas.”

Unfortunately the show is still operating in the m3u format, which does not make listening portable. If you’re able to sit in front of your computer and listen click HERE. I sure wish this show was podcast.