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SFFaudio @ Worldcon 2006

Podcast - Weekend AmericaIt seems Weekend America (NPR) correspondent Krissy Clark dropped in at Worldcon and we’ve got the link to audio story she broadcast on Saturday August 26th. Krissy talked to panelists Nick Sagan (SF author and son of Carl Sagan), the legendary James Gunn and Paolo Bacigalupi (who was nominated for a Hugo in the Novelette category), and a few other folks.

You can listen to the eight minute segment via Realaudio HERE or you can subscribe to the Weekend America podcast via this feed (the segment can be found near the begining of hour one):

Worldcon and Harllan Ellison brought to you by The Agony Column

Online Audio

Agony ColumnRick Kleffel of The Agony Column has beat SFFaudio to the punch and posted a super-clean recording of the vast majority of the Harlan Ellison Worldcon event that happened on Saturday afternoon. The event was entitled “Harlan Tells Us.” In it Harlan mentions that this may be his very last convention, so it was a real privilege for the attending SFFaudio staff to finally get to meet the man in person. Get it while it is hot folks… Here is the 1 Hour and 5 Minute MP3.

Rick has also posted a cool 19 minute “Worldcon Report” in MP3, he describes it as “my attempt to toss together a sort of NPR style podcast that tried to give a feeling for the many facets of the Worldcon.”

SFFaudio is going to WorldCon! Woot!

SFFaudio News

SFFaudio is going to The 64th World Science Fiction Convention!

At least three members of the staff will be in attendance for most of the convention. We begin arriving the morning of Thursday the 24th. If you are going to be there we’d like to hear from you. What events will you be attending? Which ones should we attend? Got any WorldCon veteran’s advice for us?
WorldCon 2006
If you’re a audiobook producer, narrator or audio dramatist let us know which events you’ll be at, we will try to attend. If you’re an audiobook reader, podcast fanatic or podcaster let us know where the cool kids hang. Clue us in! This is WorldCon baby. WorldCon!


SFFaudio News

Looks like I’ll be going to Worldcon this year! Life is good…

um… I posted this to the wrong blog, sorry about that. The post was meant for my SFFreader blog. But it’s true, and life is certainly good. There’s a great chance that both Jesse and I will be there. We’re looking forward to meeting in person many of the excellent people we’ve met online.