Review of Technical Error by Arthur C. Clarke

Science Fiction Audiobooks - Technical Error by Arthur C. ClarkeTechnical Error
By Arthur C. Clarke; Read by David Zinn
37 Minutes – [UNABRIDGED]
Publisher: 2005
Themes: / Science Fiction / Hard SF / Parallel Worlds
/ Math Fiction /

Another FREE streaming audio short story by Arthur C.
Clarke from Assistive Media. An ingenious concept for a story, Technical Error shows why Arthur C. Clarke is who he is – excellent ideas executed intelligently. The premise is too good to spoil but I’ll give you a hint – imagine a world in which 90% of people are left handed.

This streaming audio story also includes a little introduction written by Clarke. Unfortunately David Zinn doesn’t pause between the introduction and the story’s start – making it slightly confusing. The reading is adequate; Zinn doesn’t have too much to work with given the dialogue and characters, since both are rather flatish. One more minor quibble, it sounds as if someone forgot to turn off the air conditioning in the recording studio.
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