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L.A. Times Festival Of BooksThe L.A. Times Festival Of Books had a panel that SF author Cory Doctorow got permission to post as an MP3. It’s called “Science Fiction: The Road From Here to There.” The panel featured John Scalzi, Cory Doctorow and Kage Baker and Harry Turtledove. Snag the entire |MP3|. If this panel piques your interest browse through the previous Festival Of Books catalogues. I’ve selected a number of SF & Fantasy related recordings and detailed them below. Item numbers are in either square brackets “[]” to indicate cassette only options, numbers with round brackets “()” indicate a CD edition.

2006 PDF Catalogue:
(1064) Young Adult Fantasy Writing
(2092) Fantasy & Time Travel

2005 PDF Catalogue:
(1061) Science Fiction – Worlds Of The Future

2004 PDF Catalogue:
(1136) William Gibson (A Barnes & Noble Stage Presentation)
(2033) William Gibson & Bruce Wagner
(2074) Clive Barker & Brien Lopez
[2111] Fables & Fantasies
(2132) Dean Koontz (A Barnes & Noble Stage Presentation)
(2133) Neal Stephenson (A Barnes & Noble Stage Presentation)

2002 Catlaogue:
[1112] Utopias, Hysterics and the Great Con
[2021] Science Fiction Writing

2001 Catalogue:

[1121] The Face of the Frantastic: Fantasy Writing

2000 Catalogue:
[1061] Terry Brooks
[1082] Michael Crichton
[2082] Ray Bradbury
[1013] Clive Barker
[2063] Harlan Ellison
[2064] Ursula Le Guin
[2082] Ray Bradbury

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