The Time Traveler Show Podcast # 2 : With Stories by G.C. Edmondson And Frederic Brown

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Podcast - The Time Traveler ShowThe Magazine Of Fantasy And Science Fiction February 1957The Time Traveler Show podcast #2 is LIVE from the future! In this episode the eponymous Time Traveler waxes nostalgic for his favorite old time podcasts; Dragon Page Cover-To-Cover, Escape Pod, and Spaceship Radio. Even better, podcast #2 has two complete and unabridged stories from the February 1957 issue of The Magazine Of Fantasy And Science Fiction! First up is a short story, The Inferlab Project by G.C. Edmondson (read by Terry Lenz). Next is a flash fiction story called Expedition by the legendary Fredric Brown (read by The Time Traveler himself). You can read the complete show notes HERE or download the show HERE.

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