The Time Traveler Show Podcast # 8 : Death Between The Stars by Marion Zimmer Bradley

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Podcast - The Time Traveler ShowThe Time Traveler Show podcast #8 is out now! Huzzah! The featured tale is a short story by Marion Zimmer Bradley called Death Between The Stars. The reader is Ali Groves from the acclaimed podcast drama series Children Of The Gods. Death Between The Stars first appeared in the pages of Fantastic Adventures March 1956.

The Time Traveler Show #8: Death Between The Stars by Marion Zimmer BradleyDeath Between The Stars
By Marion Zimmer Bradley; Read by Ali Groves
Podcaster: October 2006

“A Terran ignores xenophic bigotry and shares a starship cabin with a non-human telepath, with unexpected results.”

To read the complete show notes for podcast #8 click HERE or download the show MP3 directly by clicking HERE.

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