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The Theatre Of The MindWhen you listen to The Theater Of The Mind podcast, you’ll wonder if you’ve somehow slipped into another dimension. The creator of the podcast, Professor Daniel H. Foster, has reconstructed, adapted and generally weirded-out familiar and unfamiliar stories, particularly those that came from old radio dramas. Check out the Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy as performed by Foster and friends |MP3|. Not only is some of the dialogue changed, all the characters speak with American accents too! And, Ford Prefect is now “Fran Prefect.” Which is all perfectly logical, if you’re from another dimension.

Also on tap is a Neil Gaiman story from the 1970s…

The Theatre Of The Mind - We Can Get Them For You WholesaleWe Can Get Them For You Wholesale
Adapted from a story by Neil Gaiman; Performed with a full cast
Podcaster: The Theater Of The Mind
Podcast: 2006

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