Though podcasting is cutting into traditional br…

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Though podcasting is cutting into traditional broadcast radio’s audience the “tower and power” broadcasters still have a lot of great content that isn’t yet podcast. The problem is it’s not easily accessible if you are in a different time zone – in fact, unless you just happen to be listening to your chosen streaming radio station when something airs the whole prospect of figuring out when a program is going to anoyying to bother with. That said, here’s a tip, there’s an ingeniously designed website called which will certainly help. It features a complete database of public radio stations worldwide and it enables visitors to organize the stations’ streaming audio by program type, language, time zone and much more. This quick filtering and the ability to synchonize your time zone allows you to more easily see when a program will air on the internet stream. As an example, I can with a few clicks and filters bring up all the streams for listening to BBC7’s 7th Dimension program as it airs. I’d prefer to have the shows automatically downloaded to my iPod, but that just isn’t an option. Until it is, check out PublicRadioFan you’ll be amazed by how much content is out there streaming.

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