Uvula Audio: Magical Isle of Yew by L. Frank Baum

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Uvula AudioJames Campanella, of the Uvula Audio bookcast, writes in with details of his next project – L. Frank Baum’s The Enchanted Isle of Yew. This is a story with “classic storybook-type violence and mild trangendered themes” – which makes it sound awesome. Sez Jim:

“Baum’s book premieres on Friday October 10th and is more fantasy than SF, but it is still amazing. The story follows the travails of Prince Marvel as “he” travels around the legendary Isle of Yew in search of adventures. As usual with Baum stories, he introduced, very early in last century, some ideas that would later pop up in SF some 50 to 80 years later. Among other ideas, Baum lays the groundwork for what would become the main trope of the Paratwa novels by Christopher Hinz. He also introduces the first masochist ever to be found in a children’s book, as far as I know.”

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