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David Farquhar, of the audio drama theatre troupe Voices In The Wind, describes The Pigeon Drop as a “little experimental piece” that’s “a full cast reading with music and sound effects.” Myself I think that’s just another way of saying it’s an audio drama with narration. But then I’m saying this because I don’t want to be a pigeon. As the narrator tells in the story: “At this time the pigeons were usually worried at the prospect of the money slipping away. And they were also confused by the double-talk, but were hesitant to admit it, less they appear stupid.” Don’t let David’s words fool you, this is an audio drama (with narration).

Voices In The Wind Audio TheatreThe Pigeon Drop
By Michael A. Black; Adapted by David Farquhar; Performed by a full cast
MP3 Download – Approx. 11 Minutes [AUDIO DRAMA]
Publisher: Voices In The Wind
Published: September 2010
A little crime story about the oldest con.

PAT GOUGH: Mildred
JAN HOLT: Andrea
NORM MCLEOD: Police Detective

Directed by: Pat Gough
Recording/Post Production by: David Farquhar

Check out the Wikipedia entry on the pigeon drop scam.

And, here’s basically the same scene from The Flim-Flam Man (1967):

And here’s the Jamaican Switch (a slight variation on the Pigeon Drop) from The Sting (1973):

And from Michael Shermer Learns The Art Of Con Games:

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